Favorgen EtBr Destroyer is a specifically designed reagent effectively degrade and destroy the EtBr and result in non-fluorescence and non-mutagenic remain. This product is provided in two different formats for the treatment of solid or liquid EtBr contaminant. The ready pack EtBr Destroyer bag is for the treatment of liquid EtBr Contaminant. The EtBr Destroyer Sprayer is for the treatment of solid EtBr contaminant.


•  EtBr destroyer can destroy EtBr. This effect can be monitored and confirmed by UV light. Once destroyed, the fluorescence will disappear. The blocking of mutagenic effect of EtBr Destroyer has been demonstrated by Ames Test.


•  The EtBr solid contaminant can be destroyer within 5 min, and 2 liter of EtBr liquid contaminant can be destroyed within 30 minutes. (For 3 liter EtBr liquid contaminant, it will require 60 minutes.)


•  Two specific designs are for different needs: EtBr solid contaminant treatment and EtBr liquid contaminant treatment, i.e. the sprayer format and the ready pack format.


•  EtBr destroyer sprayer content can be refilled after use up. The cost is very economic.


1. EtBr Destroyer Application for Solid EtBr Contaminant

Non –treatment of solid EtBr Contaminant

Treatment of solid EtBr Contaminant

2. EtBr Destroyer Application for Liguid EtBr Contami

1. Before adding EtBr Destroyer

2. Add EtBr Destoryer

3. Completion


Store this product at room temperature. Valid for 6-12 months after sealing off.

Ordering Information

Cat. No.



FAEBD 001 Favorgen EtBr Destroyer Bag ( 1 bag can be use up to 3L EtBr solution.) 20 pack
FAEBD 002 Favorgen EtBr Destroyer Sprayer ( Each spray contains 0.4ml 1 sprayer can be used up to 600 times) 200ml
FAEBD 002-2 Sprayer supplement 1L