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FavorPrep™ Circulating Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit (mini-column )(4 preps)

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NameFavorPrep™ Circulating Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit (mini-column )(4 preps)
Cat NO Cat NO: FACFK004

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User Manual

Principle: mini spin column (silica matrix)
Operation time: 30 ~ 60 minutes
Column applicability: vaccum and centrifugation
Minimum elution volume: 40 µl
Sample size: 1~ 5 ml human plasma or serum

Important Notes:
1. Make sure that the working nvironment is clean to avoid RNase contamination.
2. Buffers provided by this kit containing irritants, wear gloves and lab coat for operation.
3. CAUTION: Buffers CL, CB and CW1 contain guanidinium salts which can form highly reactive compounds when combined with bleach. DO NOT add bleach or acidic solutions directly to the waste liquid.
4. For handling the buffers safely, please read safety Information before starting the procedure.
5. This kit is suitable for the isolation of nucleic acid from fresh or frozen serum/plasma prepared from blood collected on Heparin, EDTA or citrate.
6. Make sure the plasma or serum samples are clear. Centrifuge the samples for 2 mins at 400 x g if the debris are still visible.
7. The vacuum source should be reached to -650 mm Hg.
• When using of vacuum to operate the nucleic acid extraction, ensure that the lower end of the column is fit into the shape of manifold adaptor, and the vacuum pressure being capable reach to -650 mm Hg.

Unit | Value
Atmosphere (atm) | 1.000
Millimeter of mercury (mmHg) | 760.000
Inches of mercury (inHg) | 29.290
Pascal (Pa) | 101,325.000
Kilopascal (KPa) | 101.325
Torr (torr) | 760.000
Pound per square inch (psi, 1bs/in²) | 14.700

8. The centrifuge force should be up to ~18,000 x g.
9. Add Isopropanol (96~100%) to CB Binding Buffer. Add ethanol (96 ~ 100%) into concentrated CW1 Wash Buffer and CW2 Wash Buffer before use. See Working Buffer Preparation.

All buffers should be stored at room temperature (15-25°C).

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