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    Please call +886-8-762-1829. Mr. TSAI / Sales Director (Taiwan)
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    Please send your bank check to Ping - Tung Agricultural Biotechnology Park No.37, Nong-Ke Rd., Ping-Tung 908, Taiwan
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    Please make wire transfer to Receiving Bank:

    Taiwan Cooperative Bank Chen-Jing Branch
    Account Name: Favorgen Biotech Corporation
    Account Number: 0340665025298

Favorgen Product lines including Molecular biology reagents/kit, plastic consumables, & apparatus. These products are focused on medical-grade enzymes used in diagnostic tests for academic & industrial applications, & life science research tools such as reagents & kits used in molecular biology & protein science researches including genetic analysis, DNA & RNA extraction & purification, DNA sequencing, PCR & RT-PCR amplification, DNA & RNA modifying enzymes, molecular cloning, protein analysis, & bioassay.

The accessory products are also available including consumable plastic wares for PCR & molecular biology, & laboratory apparatus for molecular biology & protein analysis including 96-well vacuum manifold, horizontal electrophoresis tank for nucleic acid analysis, vacuum blotter for Northern & Southern blotting, vertical electrophoresis tank for SDS-PAGE & trans blotter for Western blotting, Electro Elutor for DNA, RNA, & Protein recovery & purification from gel.

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PingTung Agricultural Biotechnology Park
No.37,Nong-Ke Rd., Ping-Tung 908, Taiwan
Tel: +886-8-762-1829
Fax: +886-8-762-0791
Email: technical@favorgen.com
Email: order@favorgen.com


Shuttleworthstra├če 19, A-1210 Vienna
phone: +43 (0)1 292 82 80
fax: +43 (0)1 292 82 80-88
Email: r.englisch@favorgen-europe.com