General Ordering Information

Favorgen Product lines including Molecular biology reagents/kit, plastic consumables, and apparatus. These products are focused on medical-grade enzymes used in diagnostic tests for academic and industrial applications, and life science research tools such as reagents and kits used in molecular biology and protein science researches including genetic analysis, DNA and RNA extraction and purification, DNA sequencing, PCR and RT-PCR amplification, DNA and RNA modifying enzymes, molecular cloning, protein analysis, and bioassay. The accessory products are also available including consumable plastic wares for PCR and molecular biology, and laboratory apparatus for molecular biology and protein analysis including 96-well vacuum manifold, horizontal electrophoresis tank for nucleic acid analysis, vacuum blotter for Northern and Southern blotting, vertical electrophoresis tank for SDS-PAGE and trans blotter for Western blotting, Electro Elutor for DNA, RNA, and Protein recovery and purification from gel.

You can purchase our products as the following procedures:

Please call
+886-8-762-1829. Mr. Gan / Sales Director (Taiwan)

Please send your order request through +886-8-762-0791(Taiwan)

Electronic Mail: 
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We can accept your payment via the followings.

•  Bank Check. 
Please send your bank check to 
Ping - Tung Agricultural Biotechnology Park No.37, Nong-Ke Rd., Ping-Tung 908, Taiwan

• Wire Transfer. 
Please make wire transfer to Receiving Bank: 
Taiwan Cooperative Bank 
Chen-Jing Branch 
Account Name: Favorgen Biotech Corporation 
Account Number: 0340665025298